Learn Experts’ Advice
for Success in the Speaking Business

You’ve seen speaking colleagues not much more experienced than you get the applause ... the prestige ... the money ... the follow-on business — and asked yourself, “Why him? Why not me?” Why is he successful, and it hasn’t happened for you yet?

Because he knows some things about the business and marketing of speaking that you don’t.

We realize you may not be the kind of person to which this page applies. In fact, we’ve found that fewer than one person in 20 has the vision to picture themselves as a successful speaker, and the courage to take action.

But if you’re in that small minority, then pay close attention. If you want to be the person invited and paid handsomely to speak at events, there are some steps you will have to master....

Obviously, if you don’t have some expertise that others would like to know, then stop reading and go get some. Nobody wants to hear a speaker who has nothing useful to say or is just giving a book report.

And if the idea of standing in front of 20 or 500 people and speaking to them gives you the creeps, then again, stop reading right here. Join Toastmasters. They are a terrific organization that can help you build confidence as a speaker. And then come back and read the rest of this page.

Unfortunately, these first two steps are not enough!

Knowing what you’re talking about, and knowing how to give a good presentation, just get you to the starting line. You won’t really get to play until you know how to position and market yourself as an expert.

And that’s what stops most people. Perhaps they have some expertise, but they’re not willing to put in time and practice to become a better speaker. Or maybe they’re great on the platform, but they don’t know how to turn that expertise into a residual income stream. Either one is a tragic waste.

This is where we can help....

If you’re one of the elite few who are interested in building a speaking business that today can add both income and fun to your current career, and tomorrow could even lead to a whole new career — then we can help you learn what you need to know and take years off your learning curve.

Successful speakers live lifestyles of the rich and famous. They are flown First Class to exotic locations, stay in suites in 5-star resorts, wined and dined by executives, then paid handsomely for their hour talk. They autograph their books to the throngs afterward, adding more money to their pocket.

The most sought sought-after are booked a year or more in advance. They can take or turn down engagements as they see fit. Many take months off each year to relax and be with their family. Some only speak 3–6 times a month. Some bring their families along to the best locations and spend a week relaxing at the venue.

We want to help you build your business so you can achieve success like this. We want to reduce your learning curve for jump-starting your speaking business quickly and successfully.

An Invitation

If you are ready to take the next step towards your future as a professional speaker, you will be interested in a learning program we have created to help you advance the knowledge and skills you must have to be successful.

We invite you to learn about a program that will help you explore what you need to:

  • Launch your speaking business
  • Expand an existing speaking business
  • Clarify your offerings
  • Attract clients’ attention
  • Develop the tools you need to get booked
  • Make money quickly
  • Increase your sales, profits, and income
  • Overcome the inevitable challenges you’ll encounter along the way
  • And much more

Beginning a Profitable Speaking BusinessBeginning a Profitable Speaking Business: 11 Experts Reveal Their Best Practices to Start and Grow a Lucrative Speaking Practice is a program built around ten hour-long audio interviews with top professionals in the speaking field. We’ve picked the brains of successful speakers and business owners, getting them to give their best advice for getting started in the speaking business.

Between the two of us, we have spent nearly 50 years as active members of the National Speakers Association, the premier organization for professional speakers. We have studied the best, and we know who to turn to when we want the best answers to our questions about the speaking business.

In the past five years, we have recorded more than 125 in-depth interviews with some of these pros on all aspects of building a speaking career, from beginner to experienced. Beginning a Profitable Speaking Business collects “the best of the best” of those interviews for those who are starting out.

Imagine being in this classroom of expert tutors...

  • Jim Horan, author of The One Page Business Plan, steps you through his process to focus your ideas into a profitable business model in “The One-Page Business Plan for Speakers and Consultants.”
  • Jane Atkinson, former speakers bureau agent, helps you identify your most profitable presentation topic in “Pick a Lane: How to Focus Your Expertise to Increase Your Bottom Line.”
  • John Azzaro, a top speakers agent, tells how to significantly cut your learning curve in “Star Making: How to Skyrocket Your Career from Good to Phenomenal.”
  • Michael Scott Karpovich, CSP, shares ideas on how to get business without spending a ton in “Marketing on a Budget: Ideas to Get Your Business Moving.”
  • Terry Paulson, Ph.D., CSP, CPAE, past president of the National Speakers Association, shares ideas to help you get established fast in “Marketing Strategies I’ve Used to Start and Grow My Speaking Business.”
  • Lois Creamer, consultant to speakers who want to book more business, tells you how to do just that in “Finding and Cultivating New Business: How to Qualify and Interest Decision Makers.”
  • Barbara McNichol and Karen Saunders, pros at developing marketing materials, help you create your own in “Create a ‘Get-Hired’ One-Sheet: Design and Writing Tips to Give You ‘Buy’ Appeal.”
  • Ed Primeau, video producer to top speakers, shares the do’s and don’ts of a killer demo in “Video Brochures: How to Market Yourself Using the Latest Technology.”
  • Laura Stack, CSP, author, businesswoman, mom and wife, shares her techniques on how to have a business and sleep at home in “Silver in Your Back Yard: Make a Six-Figure Income in Your Local Market.”
  • Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC, “The Barbara Walters of teleseminars,” shares how you can make money easily in “Teleseminars Soup to Nuts: How to Provide Profitable, Low-Work, High-Value Seminars.”

(Note: CSP = Certified Speaking Professional, the highest earned designation from the National Speakers Association. CMC = Certified Management Consultant, a professional designation from the Institute of Management Consultants. CPAE = Council of Peers Award for Excellence Speaker Hall of Fame, the National Speakers Association’s lifetime award for speaking excellence and professionalism.)

A Unique Learning Experience

There are a number of programs on the market to help you become a better speaker. These can be valuable if you are just getting started. But there are very few that will help you turn your speaking skill into a lucrative part-time or full-time business.

We have picked the brains of hundreds of successful professional speakers over the years — learning what has made them successful — and we have compiled our top ten interviews that address issues crucial in beginning your speaking business.

But not only have we picked their brains; we’ve made it possible for you to pick their brains too! Included in our program are certificates for you to consult with these professionals we know and trust — to ask them your questions and hear their advice tailored directly for you. So this unique learning experience will get you directly involved immediately.

And we’ve sought out additional learning materials that will enhance what these experts tell you, and included them in the program as well. This makes Beginning a Profitable Speaking Business an unusual — and unusually valuable — educational experience that can cut years off your learning curve.

What You’ll Receive

The Program

Beginning a Profitable Speaking Business includes the 10 hour-long interviews above, in MP3 format. In addition to the audio interviews, the program contains a 350-page PDF manual with transcripts of the interviews for easy study, plus all of the handout materials the experts offered for their sessions and action-planning guides to help you get the most from each session.

An additional introductory MP3 discusses how to get the most from the program, as well as additional ideas for kick-starting your speaking business.

The Consultations

In addition to the program, Beginning a Profitable Speaking Business also includes certificates for consultations with a number of experts we have interviewed, both as part of the program and elsewhere. This extraordinary feature is only one of the things that makes this offer unique.

Consultation #1: Certificate for 30-minute free phone consultation with Jane Atkinson

Jane’s expertise is working with speakers to help them “pick a lane” — her phrase for focusing on a topic area that best fits their expertise and background, their passion, and their need to find a paying audience. Our interview with Jane in this program describes the process she uses in her work; she offers this consultation to assist you in applying it to your own career.

Consultation #2: Certificate for 15-minute free phone consultation with John Azzaro

John, another of our featured experts, has applied knowledge he gained from managing performing and recording artists to helping speakers make huge leaps in their careers. Once you’ve listened to his interview, you’ll want to ask him your own questions. He has offered to give our program owners a chance to do that.

Consultation #3: Certificate for 30-minute free phone consultation with Barbara McNichol

When we are asked for recommendations for writing marketing copy — like a one-sheet — Barbara is at the top of our list. She knows how to present a speaker powerfully in print.

Barbara does offer her copywriting and editorial services to speakers, but as part of our program, and because we have included her interview in it, she has offered to let us include a phone consultation with her, where you can talk about your one-sheet or other marketing materials you are developing.

Consultation #4: Certificate for 30-minute free phone consultation with Karen Saunders

Karen is, of course, the other half of our dynamic program on creating a “get-hired” one-sheet. Where Barbara handles the words, Karen handles the visual presentation, knowing how to use layout and color to get your materials both noticed and read. Karen has also offered a phone consultation so that your marketing will have maximum impact.

Consultation #5: Certificate for 30-minute free phone consultation with Ed Primeau

Ed is our interview expert on the subject of video production — whether longer programs we want to sell as products or shorter video demos to use in marketing. Since this is such a vital area for speakers, we asked Ed to offer a consulting session to our program owners, and he agreed.

Consultation #6: Certificate for 30-minute free phone consultation with Rebecca Morgan

In addition to being the guru of teleseminars, and one of our featured experts, Rebecca is extremely creative at helping speakers find additional ways to serve their clients and earn more money. This consultation with her will give you lots of insight into new directions for your business.

Consultation #7: Certificate for 30-minute free phone consultation with Craig Harrison

Craig Harrison is one of our favorite speaker friends. A DTM and former district governor in Toastmasters, as he made the transition to a professional speaking career he found lots of people asking his advice in how to do the same. So he wrote From Free to Fee, which is a step-by-step guide to becoming a professional speaker. Craig has lots of great advice for speakers starting a professional career. Read his e-book (below), then pick his brain.

Consultation #8: Certificate for 15-minute free phone consultation with Paulette Ensign

Paulette Ensign is founder, CEO, and Chief Visionary of San Diego-based Tips Products International. She has personally sold over a million copies in three languages and various formats of her 16-page booklet, “110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life,” without spending a penny on advertising. This has earned her the title of “The Booklet Queen.”

Paulette has discovered that booklets of tips and ideas are easy to produce and easy to sell. They make a terrific product for speakers to give away as marketing materials, sell in bulk to meeting planners for their entire audience, and sell at low price but handsome profits on the Internet. She’s offering a consultation to help you get started developing these simple but valuable products.

Consultation #9: Certificate for 15-minute free phone consultation with Sam Silverstein

Sam is one of our long-time vendors. He produces and distributes all of our CD-based products, and he is a whiz at figuring out how to create and sell products for speakers. You will come away from a discussion with him with terrific ideas for bringing new profits to your business.

Additional Learning Materials

While the interviews in Beginning a Profitable Speaking Business are a whole learning program in themselves, and the consultations with our experts will help you to personalize what you’re learning to your own business and career, several of our experts have provided us with more detailed materials: e-books that provide in-depth learning. They have agreed to let us include them in Beginning a Profitable Speaking Business.

E-book #1: Speaking Successfully: 1001 Tips for Thriving in the Speaking Business

Speakers have been submitting tips to the weekly SpeakerNet News e-newsletter for more than 10 years. Speaking Successfully is a collection of more than 1000 of the best tips submitted in the early years of SpeakerNet News. While some of the tips (especially technology-related ones) are obsolete, 80% of the tips are still valuable and viable. This e-book, more than 185 pages long, is loaded with great ideas.

E-book #2: Time and Schedule Management: Managing Multiple Priorities

Laura Stack, CSP, is one of our featured experts and is known as “The Productivity PRO.” She presents keynotes and seminars exclusively on personal productivity topics such as time management, work/life balance, email control, office organization, and stress reduction. With your new speaking business, demands on your time will be heavier than ever. This book will help you to set priorities and focus on what’s important.

E-book #3: Proven Advice on Building an Information Marketing Empire

Ford Saeks and Joshua Shafran are experts at information marketing on the Internet. Together with their strategic partner, speaker and entrepreneur Randy Gage, they held a workshop called The Three Tenors of Information Marketing. This e-book is a transcription of a teleseminar they held before that workshop, in which they discuss some of the strategies in becoming a successful Internet marketer.

If you were to purchase these learning materials on your own, and arrange for the individual consultations, it would cost you over $1500. But the investment for owning the Beginning a Profitable Speaking Business program is just $397. Or you may make your investment in 3 easy monthly installments of $139.

You can download the audio materials (in MP3 format) and the transcripts, certificates, and other materials (in PDF format) immediately.

If your budget and your commitment to your career as a paid professional speaker will allow it, this program and the accompanying special bonuses will give you an extraordinary boost toward getting your business up and running. Catapult your career for less than many 1-day seminars.

BPSB Purchasers Share Their Results

Beginning a Profitable Speaking Business is packed with information that not only moves the aspiring speaker to the next level, but has a motivational underpinning that energized me to move forward. The program is packed with speakers who are more than generous with their information and their time. Each session is filled with information that can be applied immediately. The vocals are supported with handouts that help keep me focused on the subject and made the experience very practical. Rebecca Morgan does an exceptional job of keeping each speaker on topic and pulls out some of their best content. I strongly encourage any new, aspiring or practicing speaker to take advantage of this exceptional program.
—Daniel Moirao

As an experienced speaker who is new to the professional speaking business I just wanted you to know that I have found Beginning a Profitable Speaking Business to be an invaluable resource. The presentations are clear, direct, hands-on and extremely practical. The experts do an excellent job of not only “shining light” on potential pitfalls that can derail your speaking career, but they also assist you in putting together strategies that will increase your chances of success. If every new business owner in every industry had a manual such as this when they started, we would have more successful businesses in our country. Thank you for putting this together.
—Tony Moore

Our Guarantee

We can’t guarantee that Beginning a Profitable Speaking Business will magically transform you into a highly paid, in-demand speaker. Your own efforts will have something to do with that.

But we do stand behind the quality and value of the program.

Take up to 60 days to go through this entire program. If you don’t feel that the information our experts have provided — through the recordings and handouts from each session and the bonus consultations and publications— will help you boost your speaking career to the next level, you may ask for for a full refund. No questions, no hassles.

Now It’s Up to You ...

We have given you all the details about the program Beginning a Profitable Speaking Business: 10 Experts Reveal Their Best Practices to Start and Grow a Lucrative Speaking Practice.

This is a good time to become a professional speaker. People today are busier than ever, both at work and at home. Businesses know their employees don’t have time to do a lot of research and studying, so they are looking for experts who can bring vital information when the employees need it.

As you look either to start or enhance a career as a speaker, or else to add paid speaking to your current career, you’re in that same situation: you want “how to” information quickly, from experts who have just the information you need.

That’s what Beginning a Profitable Speaking Business will bring you. The information you need to get a quick start, from people who know how.

It’s time for you to kick-start your speaking business. Get started on the accelerated path this program will show you. It’s easy to order. Just click here.

We look forward to meeting you on the speaking circuit.


Rebecca Morgan and Ken Braly
Publishers, SpeakerNet News
Rebecca Morgan Ken Braly

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P.S. #2: We’ve heard a lot of top speakers say, when looking at how they built their business, “I wish I knew then what I know now.” The fastest way to get from where you are in life to where you want to be is to take advantage of OPE — Other People’s Experience. The experts in this program have discovered what doesn’t work, so you don’t have to, and what does work, so you don’t have to re-invent it. Don’t take five years to achieve what can be accomplished in one.
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